My name is Karen. Most people call me Kay. For the majority of my forty-seven years, I've harbored a passion for photography. When my son was young, framing beautiful moments in time was a hobby; since he has grown, so has my ability to capture unique and precious moments. My wonderfully supportive husband has also helped my career flourish; he bought me the camera which bolstered my view of the world.

Inspired by K officially started in the year 2006, but was placed on hold while I recovered from a thyroidectomy. In 2010, I battled cervical cancer, and was forced to extend the hold a little while longer. During my recovery period, I decided to professionally develop my skills and attended the New York Institute of Photography. Their home course helped me focus on what I loved while also focusing on healing, and some of my photos during this period reflect my recovery. I won three awards in 2012 through the NYIP as I explored new avenues with differing projects.

As much as I love photography, I also put my heart and soul into other forms of art. I am fond of charcoal, sewing, and anything abstract or working with lines. Sewing dresses for my photography clients, and using those dresses in the photographs, is also a passion of mine!

I have a keen eye for spotting precious moments. Some of my best sessions were spontaneous, where I asked people out in public if I could photograph them. The most precious moments in life cannot be staged, and those are the ones I enjoy capturing the most. Horses are another creature I truly love and respect, and I capture as many photos as I can of their majesty. Volunteering at a horse farm lets me nourish that aspect of me, and it's a wonderful gift.

I wouldn't be where I am without my support system. My husband, my son, and my friends have encouraged me to follow my passion for photography. They've gifted me with classes, spontaneous photo excursions, cameras, and their presence in my life. I am truly blessed, and I treasure my support system tremendously.

I've been told that I am too old to start this journey into professional photography. I've been told younger photographers will be given the job before me, simply because of my age. To my naysayers: This isn't just a job to me. This is my passion, my dream. I do not 'take a picture', I capture a moment in time, and I capture it beautifully with all the years of experience I have under my belt. I ensure my clients are elated from start to finish, and have their memories preserved in the way they see fit. A beautifully captured photograph says far more than a thousand words.

If you have an idea, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love challenging works as much as I love spicing up a routine photo shoot. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, K





















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