YOUR INVESTMENT:

                                               20 MINUTE SESSION:  $150 / PER HORSE

                                                            5-7 fully edited photos (from head shots to full body) 

                                                                           password protected online gallery 

                                                                       20% Discount on Canvas or Metals


                                                                          IN BARN CALLS

                                                            SCHEDULE -FOUR- OR MORE HORSES AT THE SAME BARN

                                                                   AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNTED RATE PER HORSE !

In this day and age it is easy to want your photos as digital files instead of a printed portrait. You want to share your amazing photos with friends and family    online. But after time, those photos get a lost on a hard drive. Most people (even me) go strait to posting on FB and IG but after a while you forget what you  even posted them, then maybe a day, a month, a year after posting them, you will have to scroll through all those other accumulated posts to find them.  

 Just as photographs are centuries old, so is art. Art has been around since the beginning of human existence in all types of forms. Painting, writing, sculpture, dance, music , and yes even photography! We consider ourselves artists too. And with every artist, comes a medium that best represents their artwork. For me at least it is an amazing portrait. It's what I do best. 

There is something timeless about a piece of art. A printed portrait hanging on your wall, sitting at your desk, or chilling on your table, it is your own little piece of art.  I always recommend the Classic Matte look in a wrapped canvas for equine portraits. Mainly because they look amazing but the also stand off the wall and does not require any framing. I offer three standard sizes, starting with a 10 x 20 canvas for $150.  There are also Prints and Metals and Prints on Water Color paper. The options are endless. 

If you have an specific dimensions please inquire for a quote. 


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